A Rigged System:  Surrogate Nepotism

Our community is a microcosm of our nation----meaning an extremely small. select group of individuals benefit while the rest of us have to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps."  This is evident with the city's street department's newest employee---the city clerk's son.

While I understand that the city clerk does not supervise the employees of the street department---I find it difficult to believe that his employment is not part of the "good ol' boy" network that characterizes our elected officials way of governance, which in turn contributes to the stagnation and deline of this community and then we all sit around and watch.

I am sure there were no "behind the scenes" discussions at Kathy's Bissell Louge regarding his hiring.

I am sure there he was the best qualified candidate out of all the candidates, even though this job was not advertised.

I am sure that even though this is the slowest time of year for the street department that his employment was imperative to the street department fulfilling its duties.  Maybe now we will see the street sweeper more often and more regularly----rather than in pictures posted on Nextdoor.

While his employment may not be nepotism in the strictist sense---it is just a different version of it---surrogate nepotism.

Our community is in desperate need of an independent city administrator (one not recommended by an elected official, or an individual employed by the city, or any drinking buddies at Kathy's Bissell Lounge of the aforementioned individuals.  We need a city administrator with a degree or degrees in public administration, urban planning, business, etc.  One who has the knowledge and expertise in developing some type of economic development plan and attrating businesses to this community.  One who has ideas regarding our housing situation.  One who can effectively and fairly manage this community.