RGSD Special Administrative Board Meeting-March 14, 2018


Dr. Tranel-None

Mrs. Morrow-Reel-None

Dr. Beckworth-None


A report of Prop R activities to include:

Feb 28---Architect Firm (what they can do for us).

Mar 1---Attended the Bellefontaine Neighbors' Board of Alderman meeting.

Mar 1 and 3---League of Women Voters helped out with voter registration drives.

Mar 5---Met with one of the labor unions.

Mar 7---Met with Glasgow Village.

Mar 8---Northwest County Chamber of Commerce.

March 9---Met with Donald Suggs and Mike Jones from the St. Louis American.  The paper will be supporting Prop R and will have an article about Prop R in their paper.

Mar 12---Met with Dellwood's Board of Alderman.

March 13, 14, and 15---Canvassing with students.

Mar 13 and 14---All schools will have flyers to give to parents at Parent/Teacher Conferences.

The Fact Book and Power Point presentation have been updated.  There are two yard signs---1 that is informational and the other encouraging residents to vote yes (paid for by a private citizen).  There are plans to put out a direct mailer to all registered voters and to parents to provide information about Prop R.  In addition, door flyers, brochures, and two robo call scripts have been created.  The District is working on a radio script that will air on 95.5.  Additionally, the District has reached out to the Demetrius Johnson show and are awaiting confirmation that a District representative will be able to appear on that show.  There have been 100 signs placed.  The District is partnering with the NEA who will help with canvassing.  Additionally, the NEA will be giving $750 to purchase some additional signs.  Finally, principals have been given information to give out to their assigned areas and will be getting poll workers for Apr 3rd.

Congratulations to Amy Schechter who earned her Superintendent Certification.

Discussion of the transition program.  Regarding the transfer program for the 2018-2019 school year, 48 students have turned in applications.  There were 169 students who participated last year.  There are 118 students participating right now, with some of these students transitioning out of the program.  There are 21 students who will graduate out of the program this year.  There are 10 districts who participate in this program.


Washington University staff were used to determine if there was a need to establish a school-based health center.  Dr. Jason Purnell and Ann represented Washington University and presented findings of the Health Needs Assessment.  The Health Needs Assessment with developed using secondary data analysis, collection of surveys, interviews, and focus groups.  The results are as follows. In the 2016-2017 school year, there were about 5500 students enrolled in the District, with over 1000 students at the high school.  

Within the school district, there are higher rates of poverty and residential mobility.  The rate of students who live in poverty in our school district is almost 3X higher when compared to youth in St. Louis County.  Additionally 57% of students move schools in one year.  The poverty and residential mobility rate disproportionately affect African American students in the District.

In addition, there is a higher percentage of publicly insured residents in the District (2X more likely to have public insurance as compared to St. Louis County).  Additionally, residents are 2X more likely to be uninsured as compared to the rest of St. Louis County. 

Our students are 2X more likely to use the ER than youth in St. Louis County.  The live birth rate among females ages 10 to 24 is 2X higher that those females in St. Louis County.  Childbirth disproportionately affects African American woman in the RGSD.

The identified health needs differed among students, parents, and staff.  The top needs identified included:  behavioral health services, physical and primary health care services, reproductive health care services, health education, and assistance in enrolling in health insurance plans/referrals/navigating the health care system.

A majority of students related that they would use the health clinic.  About 3/4's of the parents related that they would allow their children to use the health center.  There was also a discussion of opening the clinic to staff members, family members, and community members.  

The recommendations (developed from the School-Based Health Center's "Best Practices" and the Needs Assessment findings):  health services be provided during and after school, the health services should address physical, behavioral, and reproductive health, there needs to be coordination between the school and the health care providers, and transparent communication.



RGSD School-Based Health Center---Memorandum of Understanding.  Christian Hospital Foundation will make a grant available to provide some funding for two years.  CARESTL (formerly Myrtle Hilliard) will provide comprehensive health care services and provide and manage staff.  The Show Me School-Based Health Alliance of Missouri will provide technical assistance.  BJC will supply the medical furniture.  Representatives from each of these agencies were introduced.  After 2 years, CARESTL will be responsible for funding the clinic.

Architecture Firm recommendations were discussed.  A discussion of the selection process.  It was recommended that TRI be the firm selected contingent upon the passage of Prop R and being able to reach an agreement.

Lewis and Clark Elementary is requesting no more than $4000 to purchase 1 Ipad WiFi 10-pac.

Meadows Elementary is requesting 25 laptops at a cost of $1002.67 each and 1 laptop cart at a cost of $2154.87 for a total of $29,721.62 be purchsed from Worldwide Technology.

The 2018-2019 Staffing Plan was discussed.  It is difficult to project enrollment with the transciency in the community.  Can't request additional staff until the development of the budget.  However, discussion of hiring five teachers for the high school and nine secretaries to work as Attendance Secretaries (projected costs is $575,000).

Stifl Underwriting Letter

Stifl has handle the District's bonds previously.  The district credit worthiness will be looked at.  One of the negative factors affecting the credit worthiness of the district is the loss of property assessed values in the past decade.  It was recommended that the District enter into an agreement with Stifl.


Added the school-based clinic and passed.