In Defense of the Fitzwalters

I have never met Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwalter. I only know them through their consistent efforts to try to raise awareness of what can happen when someone you love dies of a drug overdose.

I usually 'Thank' them for their post, but never have made the effort to physically attend any of their events. Sometimes even a casual stroll can be a challenge for some of us. And as fate would have it, this weekend when they plan to have a table at an event very close to home, I am indisposed.

Their loss is not indifferent to me. A very dear second cousin of mine died of what we think was a cocaine overdose 14 years ago, leaving a 3 year old daughter motherless. She was a veteran, and a productive tax paying member of society. We thought she had 'beat' it; and apparently she thought she could casually play around with 'it' but she couldn't.

Yes, she made that decision. And yes, we were angry with her and everyone involved at that 'party'...why did y'all wait so long before you called the ambulance? It makes no difference. She's gone. And we miss her everyday.

So I see the Fitzwalters efforts as simply and clearly a desire to give us information so that some of us can avoid this kind of pain.

We are all aware of the social and racial disparities that surround drug abuse. True, when Lil Man overdoses at Grand and Natural Bridge it does not command the same attention as when Lil Scotty overdoses at Manchester and 141. That is wrong. But that's not the Fitzwalters' campaign.

True, few African Americans have transportation means to import drugs. But I just saw a story on the CBS Morning News where a lot of these drugs and/or ingredients used to make these drugs come into this country through the US mail. From China. Ordered by Americans from the Internet. Deliberately. Because there is a market for them. Again, not the Fitzwalters' campaign.

So it disturbs me when some try to hold the Fitzwalters responsible for not addressing these kinds of issues. This is an attempt to divert THEIR true cause--kinda like one man's personal protest against racial and judicial inequalities has been twisted to be an assault on our flag, our military, and ALL of our police. It is not.

But here's the good part. ANY citizen who has the passion to address the source of how illegal drugs enter our country is able to champion that cause. Personally, I agree with the premise. But that's not the Fitzwalters' cause. And I don't think they should be personally challenged to defend THEIR cause. But you are certainly welcome to pursue yours.