In Defense of the Ability to Think

Recently, a few post on our neighbor site has caused me to think.

There used to be a joke "It must be right--I read it on the Internet." Most of us would laugh at that, but with the influx of "fake news" it isn't funny anymore. Because some of us don't think for ourselves.

When did we loose our ability to independently think for ourselves? Did it start with the influx of talk shows (radio and TV) where we became so enthralled and impressed with the host that we took their every word as gospel? I remember a friend and I had heated words when we were discussing a dating situation and she said to me "Now Wanda, that's not what Dr. Laura would do."

"I don't give a damn what Dr. Laura would do. She don't live here!"

Commentary is pretty much what it IS - - commentary. But have we lost our able to be able to decipher the INTENT of the commentary?

For example, there is a big difference in calling a person 'Stupid ' versus 'One who engages in mindless activities.' And there certainly is a time and place for mindless activities, but when those activities possibly interfere with personal relationships and civic responsibility, that's when unbalance occurs.

If the intent of the commentary is to grab the attention of the reader to become aware and educated about the very world in which they live, and the writer does not specifically call you out of your name, can we not process the true INTENT of the commentary? Verses zeroing in on the comment that possibly interferes with the reception of that information and education? Even if that comment was a snide remark.

And I said POSSIBLY interferes, because some folks think it is not their responsibility to 'know.' And some folks just don't care.

Do we not process the words "some," "in my opinion," "I think," "I feel," "I believe" anymore? Or do our eyes just gloss over those words, and take it as a personal offense to our individual character? I am guilty - - because my eyes (and ears) gloss over stuff that does not apply to ME.

But that's just my opinion.