Cutting Off Our Noses to Spite our Faces

Maya Angelo said "When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time."

There were many signs. Too many to regergetate. So no one, particularly no one of the candidate's political party, should be the least bit shocked. This candidate began one week being lauded as being a genius for loosing $900M in one year and not paying taxes for nearly 20 years, only to begin the second week defending his crass and lewd remarks as being "locker room talk-whatever you want to call it."

Can you image candidate Obama saying just even a fraction of what this candidate has said? He would not have been President Obama.

The rally he held today was packed with supporters. One female supporter held a homemade sign that read "Better to grab one than to be one." Last week, two friends, when being interviewed, gushed and declared the candidate as being their Savior-right under Jesus.

So I ask myself how could this be? Of course we live in a democracy where everyone is free to support whomever we choose. But why is one party imploding due to irreconcilable differences regarding whether or not to support their party's candidate for President? And because they chose someone who makes their party look like the party of bigots, chauvinist, narcissist, etc, they are very angry about it because now, some of THEIR seats are in jeopardy. Our "trusted elected officials." How moral.

Personally, I think it is a real live example of our unwillingness to truly gut ourselves open and really look at the ugliness of privilege and racism. Because so many of us are so sick of this Black/White thing--let's just continue to pretend it doesn't exist. Because it's too painful to be honest-even to ourselves. And racism does not discriminate.

Are we THAT mad that a Black man (actually, a bi-racial man, but why acknowledge his mother?) became President of the United States that we are willing to even consider electing a person with the moral character of a jailhouse informant? (What's in it for ME?) Just to hypnotize ourselves into believing that we "took our country back?" To what end? And where did it GO in the first place?

One of my favorite stories is 'The Prodigal Son.' I love the portion of the verse that says "And when he came to himself..." (a feeling that I'm familiar with, in all my shortcomings...)

So, until we come TO ourselves...or, we can continue to double-down in being mad and ignorant. We see what that has done to one political party.

Ms. Wanda