About "The Poor Man's Guardian"

The original "The Poor Man's Guardian" was published in 1831 in London, England.  At the time, there was a stamp duty of four pence, which made newspaper unaffordable for most people.  As a result, most people were uneducated about the events and the politics of the day.  As a result, "The Poor Man's Guardian was published and was sold for one penny.  As this publication did not collect or charge the stamp duty, its publication was seen as a challenge to the government.  

We decided to establish "The Poor Man's Guardian" in response to what we believe is ineffective leadership and the decline of our community.  We believe in  and will use the following to guide us in the publication:

  • Knowledge is power.
  • A free and independent media is critical in upholding high standards of governance.
  • An open and transparent government enables the government to function for the citizens and enables these citizens to lead their own development.